The following bibliography represents those publications in which Florence Harrison's work appears - and which form part of my extensive library. If there are others of which I am unaware, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Florence's works initially came to the notice of the general public following Blackies decision to produce her book entitled "The Rhyme Of A Run" in 1907. The following year this was followed-up by "In The Fairy Ring" and it was also in the same year that her works appeared in for the first time in The Children's Annual.

In 1905 Blackies' list of picture books contained almost a hundred titles. The more expensive and better-class editions came under the "Fine Art Series" and these marked the start of what came to be referred to as their "Drawing Room Books", which concentrated upon the Pre-Raphaelite styles so popular at that time.

The less expensive titles were listed merely as "Picture Books. The Children's Annuals were first issued in 1904 and rapidly became an outstanding success. The Little One's Annual followed in 1919 and The Girls Annual, in 1922. Florence Harrison was a frequent contributor to these titles for many years.


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